To basics
Natural materials, understated decor, simple shapes and expressive textures create a feeling of lightness and harmony with nature.
For the production of glass accessories Moroshka the brand's specialists have chosen a factory in Spain. Every year, tons of glass end up in the environment causing irreversible damage to the Earth's atmosphere. Caring about the future of the planet, the specialists of the factory are collected and recycled over one hundred tons of glass from all over Spain to turn them into a dish and interior.
The items from the collection went beyond the interior of the bathroom and is able to fill the style living room and kitchen.
Milky white surf, gray-blue sky and soft golden sand of Iberian Peninsula inspired Moroshka’s designers to create the finest accessories collection.
The noticeable item of the collection is the toothbrush holder – a kind of a “heart” of Naturel. It was the old ceramic teapot of one of the designers of the brand that gave inspiration for the unique shape of the accessory. The image of “heart” of Naturel collection reminds words of a classicist: “The heart is the main thing – all the rest doesn’t matter.”
The Naturel collection from Moroshka embodies refined European style, restraint and simplicity.
Russian soul
The collection fascinates at first sight. Traditional attributes of Russian culture found in her modern interpretation, allowing you to create original interior.
According to legends, the golden cage with Firebird is located in distant wonderland gardens. Being released nightly, Firebird illumines everything with feathers glow as brightly, as if it is done by thousands of lighted lamps. The embodiment of light and heat – Firebird – gives youth and beauty for those who catch it. And feathers of the magic bird can heal from sickness and bring good luck.
Fairytale collection by Moroshka is the tribute to the traditional culture of Russia.
The bright image of a mysterious and fairy heroine of Russian folk tales – Firebird – was embodied in the Fairytale accessories collection.
The image of a magic bird was created by a St. Petersburg artist Andrey Tatarko, and the design of Fairytale collection has been developed by Moroshka’s specialists.
Straighten the sails
Items ship paraphernalia and vintage color bring to the interior lightness of the breeze, the charm of the Mediterranean sea and the romance of yachting.
Maritime collection accessories are designed for those who value style and know how to catch a tailwind.
At all times exciting stories of sea journeys have inspired writers and artists to create their masterpieces.
English King Edward VII was one of the first who brought striped patterns into fashion. Today, marine design and famous “navy blue” remain at the top of popularity.
For over 200 years there is one of the most colorful national festivals of Australia on the island of Tasmania. Our days, the most prominent representatives of yachting all over the Kingdom meet to sail and compete in the river Derwent. Magnificent snow-white yacht, striped vest navy blue and gold buttons on the tunic shape are so familiar to the way in nautical style.
Moroshka – items for interior unity
Choose one of three concepts for your bathroom. Variety of colors within each collection allows you to experiment and create individual space as if you are a professional decorator.